Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Cherry Roam here in the Philippines?

Yes, you can use the Cherry Roam in the Philippines by using an active local SIM card.

Do you have a data package for the Philippines?

We currently do not have a data package for the Philippines, but we offer local connectivity via Cherry Prepaid, a local network operation in partnership with Globe Telecom, offering a bundled package with 36GB internet for 1 year. You may learn more about it here.

How much are your rates?

Cherry Roam offers flexible data packages for every type of traveler. There are two options from which you can choose: per GB or Unlimited Data. Here is our list of data packages:

What is the difference between Super China and China data packages?

Both Super China and China packages give users a high-speed and reliable internet connection when in China. But with Super China, users have VPN access that lets them use social networking sites that are inaccessible when in China.

Is Super China included in the Asia Unlimited Day Pass?

No, Super China is not included in the Unlimited Day Pass. The internet access for China that is included in the Asia Unlimited Day Pass does not have VPN Access.

Is the Unlimited Data really unlimited?

Yes, it is unlimited. However, we provide high-speed LTE for the first 1GB of data consumed per day, and provide [512MB/second] for data consumed after that, whilst other providers only provide 256MB/sec for data consumer above their daily fair-use policy.

What is Fair Use Policy and does Cherry Roam have it?

This is the policy set by local data providers that lets its users have a fair opportunity in using the internet. Cherry Roam follows the fair use policy of its partner data providers but it is ensured that browsing data will not be cut once Cherry Roam users has reached the data cap, only that the browsing speed will be affected and throttle down.

Cherry Roam’s fair use policy is set at 1GB whilst other are only at 500MB or 700MB. That is why it is important to also check what the FUP is of the provider you are using to ensure you receive the ultimate global wi-fi service.

How and where do I buy data packages?

You can purchase your data packages through the Cherry Roam mobile application that can be downloaded from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Can I cancel my data package?

Only multi-country data packages and country-specific data packages may be cancelled within 7 days from date of purchase and the amount will be returned as credits or to your PayPal account. If you purchased a Day Pass package (Global or Asia), the validity will automatically start upon purchase and can no longer be cancelled.

Does your data packages expire?

Yes, data packages have an expiry date. Pre-purchased data packages will remain in your account for 365 days as long as it’s not activated.

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