About the Company

Part of a company whose mission is to bring game-changing brands that enhance the lifestyle of its users, Cherry Roam provides reliable internet data connectivity to those whose lifestyle includes traveling and exploring the world. A travel pocket wi-fi brand based in the Philippines, Cherry Roam lets its users connect to the fastest network wherever they are through its CloudSIM technology.

Cherry Roam’s affordable data packages offers coverage in over 140 countries letting them access the internet without worrying about expensive data roaming charges.

Cloud SIM Technology

Powered by GlocalMe, a provider of CloudSIM technology that enables Cherry Roam users to connect to high-speed internet in more than 140 countries, seamlessly connecting them to the strongest network in the area.

Easy to Use Mobile Application

Through Cherry Roam’s mobile application, customers can pair their Cherry Roam travel pocket wi-fi device to have full access to manage the account. No more logging on to websites, customers can now directly purchase their preferred data package, monitor their data usage, and check their account history anywhere, anytime via the app.

Cherry Roam mobile app is available in Google PlayStore and iOS App Store.

Flexible Data Packages

Customers can choose from data packages designed for every type of traveler. Packages vary depending on data consumption or destination. Cherry Roam’s destination packages are clustered according to either by continent for those multi-country itineraries or by most-visited countries. Check out the list of data packages [popup_anything id=”4979″]

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