• Rental (5G) – Single Destination

    ₱100.00 per day


    Travel with 5G global band high performance Cherry Roam 5G portable WiFi. This 5G travel pocket WiFi device supports connection of up to 16 devices simultaneously. Equipped with reversible charge 5400mAH battery that can last over 12hrs and be used as power bank on the go. With 5G high speed, low latency, network connection is much faster and uninterrupted even if your device is not 5G ready, or you are in a country without 5G signal.

  • Rental (4G) – Single Destination

    50 Pesos Per Day


    Travel in style with Cherry Roam G3. This portable travel pocket wifi can connect you to high-speed 4G LTE internet connection during your international trip. Packed with a 5,350 mAh that last up to 14 hours. A 4 inches touch screen LCD that lets you monitor your data consumption and Allows user to share the internet connection up to 5 devices.

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